Create your own Internet

Log In and drag the bookmark to your Bookmarks Bar.
Visit a site you want to klip and activate the bookmark.
Share the klip with your friends and colleagues.

What is klipr?

klipr is the ultimate web clipper. Don't just save offline copies of full web pages — save only the part you care about. Build your own library of snippets of articles, forum posts, answers, and more. It's like clipping things from the newspaper, but infintely more manageable!

How do I use klipr?

klipr is a bookmarklet, a very small piece of javascript that you can put in your bookmarks bar and use without any installation. On any web page, simply click the bookmark, select the part of the page you want to save, and your snippet is saved online, accessible from any device from which you can browse the web.

How do I log into klipr?

klipr uses the same authentication as If you already have a user account, you don't need to do anything extra. Just click My klips and you'll be logged in (or prompted to do so). If you don't have a user account, you can register here.

What happens if the source web site changes?

Nothing! klipr makes a copy of the web site, so you really are building up your own library of carefully-curated content. If the web site ever changes, you still have your copy of the content the way it looked when you clipped it. Each snippet is also tagged with the original URL and the date it was saved.

What's next for klipr?

We're constantly working to improve klipr. Here are some of our favorite feature requests: